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More than a DJ

More than a DJ

Zaytek is an up and coming artist in the Washington DC area and a longtime friend of ICONNATN. He’s fresh off the release of his 5th mix in his debut series titled ‘Vamos A Bailar’ and has big plans for the end of 2020. We got to catch up with Zaytek and learn more about how he got started as well as some of his challenges as an artist during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

A behind the scenes view of one of Zaytek's live twitch streams.

Zaytek on first getting exposure to DJ'ing through his father. 

Zaytek on the origins of his name and the process of finding himself as an artist.

Zaytek on beginning his artistic journey in the midst of a global pandemic.

Zaytek on what he's doing to separate himself from other DJs.


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